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ChemStream, an innovative chemical R&D company, is specialized in translating material problems in sustainable formulations with focus on nano-dispersions, functional coatings and inkjet inks. Our team of top research scientists can rely on a more than 20 years experience in application driven and customized product development. 


ChemStream, has its own lab facilities for chemical synthesis and formulation research from the design phase to prototype scale.Our chemical and technological expertise, combined with advanced computer methodology and in house analytical tools, guarantees a scientific approach towards a totally integrated solution.

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Sustainable innovation is not only the key factor to generate a competitive position and to guarantee a continuous growth of industrial companies but it is also the basic platform to stimulate creativity and to increase welfare within a society.


ChemStream believes that this process must be supported and driven by a dynamic R&D and technological approach based on shared competences in a framework of temporal alliances between research centres, system and process integrators, industrial partners and universities.

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ChemStream aims to be your dynamic partner to develop and synthesise new bio-based building blocks and to introduce innovative, sustainable chemical formulations and/or technologies. Therefore, we are member of several consortia dealing with innovative R&D projects, funded by VLAIO (Vlaams Agentschap voor innoveren en ondernemen) and the European Commission (Horizon 2020).


The primary objective of the P2PC project is shortcutting the circle of plastics-to-chemicals, thereby generating an economically more viable recycling system for plastic materials. 


The main goal of the ATOL project is to investigate the potential of pectin oligosaccharides as valuable biobased molecules.

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The primary objective of the Encaps2Control project is to develop a new and sustainable encapsulation technology for the controlled release of active ingredients. 

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The main goal of the iSAP project is to reduce shrinkage cracks in concrete structures by means of internal curing resulting from the addition of super-absorbent polymers (SAPs). Moreover, the construction elements will possess self-healing behaviour.


The GROENE GEVELS project aims to develop a new and cost efficient system to build green vertical facades based on innovative super-absorbing technical textiles, wherein the plants, the control system and the growth substrate are tuned to each other.


EnzymASE aims at the biocatalytic production of products that contribute to the innovation portfolio of the Flemish partner companies.

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Drie Eikenstraat 661, 2650 Edegem, Belgium

+32 3 826 93 29

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Catalisti, the cluster for Chemistry and Plastics, will primarily serve companies in Flanders by building partnerships between individual companies as well as with research institutions, sector associations and governments. Collaborations with multiple companies help to reduce risks and increase the changes of successful market introduction of new products, processes or services. As full member of the Catalisty Board of Directors, ChemStream is an active partner in several funded innovation projects: CHITINSECT, MAIA, EnzymASE,…

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