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Biocatalysis for markets in fine chemicals, specialty materials and feed, is currently an under-developed industrial art in Flanders. The companies involved in EnzymASE, as diversified technology companies, have currently limited capabilities in biocatalysis, though members of the consortium have built a thorough understanding of the possibilities. Time has come to introduce enzyme technology to novel products that can be launched in Flanders but are new-to-the-world.


The target of this project is the exploration of specific enzymatic transformations like oxidation, hydrolysis and condensation reactions. This will create new insights, knowledge, intellectual property and technological know-how with the consortium partners. The resulting new process technology will allow the industrial partners to set up new value chains for production of selected materials on industrial and semi-industrial scale and launch new-to-the-world launchable products.


Chemstream is involved in the development of sterically stabilizing compounds. ChemStream will evaluate these newly obtained high performance dispersants and emulsifiers for water based and oil based systems in challenging applications, where biobased alternatives are highly desired.

The conversion of solid surfaces of (nano)particles is another challenging topic that will be explored in the EnzymASE project. 

The ultimate goal is to assemble these building blocks via biocatalytic processes. The EnzymASE project must enable these transformations on an economic and ecological industrial scale. Especially the mild conversion conditions and high chemo- and regioselectivity of the enzymes will be exploited.

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