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Advanced Tailored Oligosaccharides



ATOL is a VLAIO supported ICON research project and is situated in the cluster ‘Biobased Value Chains’. The acronym stands for Advanced Tailored Oligosaccharides and the central biomolecule under investigation in this project is pectin.


The main goal of the project is to investigate the potential of pectin oligosaccharides as valuable biobased molecules. This translates for ChemStream to the use of pectin derived functional ingredients as surface-active agents such as dispersants, emulsifiers and encapsulating agents. For other partners the bio-active properties such as anti-oxidant or pre-biotic activity are interesting for applications within food and feed.



Partner research group ‘LFT-Smart’ from KU-Leuven are specialized in pectin processing, and will generate a protocol for enzymatic depolymerization of various high-molecular weight pectins, delivered by partner Cargill. The oligosaccharides will then be transferred to VITO for scale-up production and purification via membrane technology and then to ChemStream for further derivatization to give the oligosaccharides the envisioned tailored properties. 

At ChemStream, the bio-based pectin oligosaccharides will then be tested for their surface active properties as bio-based alternative for current state-of-the-art dispersants, emulsifiers and encapsulating agents.  The generation of new bio-based and biodegradable dispersions, emulsions and capsules is an important step in the field towards more renewable and sustainable technologies. 


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