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Article published on the design of hyper-branched polymeric dispersion agents

For several years, ChemStream invested in the design of novel nanopigment dispersants, starting from bio-based monomers. The concept is based on the grafting of aliphatic polyester chains, that are built by the co-polymerisation of bio-based monomers, on PEI in the bulk without using solvents.

A mathematical model was developed by the Maastricht University (AMIBM) to determine the optimal polymer composition and synthesis conditions, after which these new dispersants were tested in UV-curable inks by ChemStream.

Nils De Vos, Kamiel Matthyssen and Geert Deroover, as co-workers of ChemStream, made important contributions to this research.

The published article in the journal 'Polymer International' can be accessed here.

Funding was received from the European Union (EU) project ROBOX (grant agreement no. 635734) under the EU's Horizon 2020 Program Research and Innovation actions H2020-LEIT BIO-2014-1.


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