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The Advanced Inkjet Technology conference - a very interesting event

3 People of ChemStream attended the Advanced Inkjet Technology (AIT) conference on January 29-31, 2024 in Fribourg - Switzerland.

While Nils De Vos gave a talk on the "Customized Design of Dispersing Agents and their Application: Improving Inkjet Ink Reliability and Performance", we also manned a tabletop in the conference hall and were able to meet many interesting people in the field of inkjet printing.

The conference program was full of high-level topics on inkjet printhead design and mechatronics, print robot design and meniscus pressure control, etc. We learnt a lot about the new developments and technical challenges addressed by so many competent specialists in the field of inkjet.

We would like to thank the event organizers for the perfect and smooth organisation and their continuous helpful approach.


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