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Why ChemStream attended 'The Greener Manufacturing Show'...

As a first, ChemStream participated in a trade show called 'The Greener Manufacturing Show' (Nov 9-10, 2022 @ Cologne-Germany).

This event focuses on companies that are committed to design and manufacture more sustainable materials, or that are equally working to reduce the impact of their industrial activities on the environment and global climate change.

Lately, ChemStream has been investigating tailor-made conversions of biopolymers into active ingredients for encapsulation, dispersions, functional fluids and coating applications.

At the exhibition, we presented for the first time this interesting set of low Mw bio-oligosaccharide products for improved solubility and enhanced processability in a wide range of applications. If you wish to learn more about it, please click on the following file below.

Download PDF • 14.60MB

Second, ChemStream also launched its first set of in-house developed dispersing agents called "Dispersense", which opens up new opportunities in the world of stable nano-pigment dispersions for water-based applications. Details can be found in the flyer below.

Download PDF • 3.29MB

Geert, Nils and Wim are grateful for the many visitors who showed interest in their booth and activities!


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