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Switch on and off the white light and see the effect of using different light sources.

Inkjet inks visible under blacklight:

  • Waterborne inks on textile

  • UV-curable inks on metal cables (Al, Cu,…)

  • Embedded 3D-printed objects (leaves, ants, …)


Quite often there is a need to mark objects, either for quality control or for anti-counterfeiting. This mark then needs to be invisible for the customer, but easily readable for the manufacturer. This invisible encoding can be achieved by using a fluorescent ink. 


The fluorescent agent in the ink must thus be transparent under normal lighting conditions but has to illuminate when irradiated by a certain wavelength. ChemStream has built up expertise on the development of such inks as well for water based, solvent based as for UV-curable based DOD inkjet printing.

In the cabinet “LUMIERE” you can see both 2D and 3D printed samples in which this concept has been integrated. The prints are visible under blacklight but not under visible light.


Visualisation of a UV-curable inkjet-printed code on a copper wire using a UV-LED lamp​


Textile printed with a water-based fluorescent inkjet ink and a 3D-object in the form of a leaf, printed with a UV-curable fluorescent ink​

More about this subject can be found here

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