SAP-development in LORCENIS spotted by the EC's INNOVATION RADAR

  During the last 4 years ChemStream participated in the LORCENIS project sponsored by the European Commission under Horizon 2020.During this project ChemStream developed its own superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) to be used as additives in concrete. Their water-absorbing properties ensure that the concrete has a longer lifespan by providing an improved internal water balance and the possibility to self-heal and self-seal the concrete when cracks occur. Recently the Innovation Radar of the European Commission put this development on the map of the 'Business Ready' Innovations in Europe. Read it via the following link.  In order to better understand how this award is made and what it means, please consult the following document.  


This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of ChemStream.On the 29th of April 2010, ChemStream was created by 3 enthusiastic founders:Roland Claes, Frank De Voeght and Geert Deroover, each former employee of Agfa-Gevaert N.V.   In September 2010 they inaugurated a laboratory of 50 m2 in the then UBCA (Antwerp University Business Centre) in Edegem (Belgium), and in May 2011 a first employee was recruited.     Over the past 10 years, the small business has steadily grown to a total occupancy of 14 people and a total floor space of 550 m2, and ChemStream proved to be a class example of an independent chemical R&D company that according to Graydon is among the 10% best performing companies in its sector. Every year, profits are made that are reinvested into the company. A quick overview of the development of ChemStream over the past 10 years can be found in the following list of activities and memorabilia: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------01/01/2011 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------First subsidized IWT project ECOBLOCK (Development of UV-curable hydrogel coatings for yarn used as a protective component in optical cables), which led to 1 of ChemStream's patents EP2835385A1 (Poly-electrolyte polymer composition and its use). Meanwhile, ChemStream has been a partner in at least 9 other VLAIO projects, linked to FISCH (Flanders Innovation hub for Sustainable Chemistry), CATALISTI (the spearhead cluster for the chemical and plastics industry of Flanders) or SIM (Strategic Initiative Materials in Flanders). ChemStream is a member of FISCH and a member of the Board of Directors of CATALISTI.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sept 2011 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Installation of a first modular inkjet printing system by VDW-Consulting bv, after which 3 more systems followed in increasing complexity (moving belt -> X, Y, Z-table / 2D -> 3D inkjet printing).    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------27-29/09/2011 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Participation in 1st fair - EUROFINISH 2011 at Flanders Expo Ghent.          In the meantime, ChemStream participated to many local and international fairs and created its own modular stand in collaboration with stand builder White House Design, which this year won a World Exhibition Stand Award in the category of Print Events (stand at INPRINT 2019).    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------01/11/2011 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The launch of the first European project participation ‘PANNA’ (Plasma And Nano for New Age "soft" conservation) in the context of the protection of cultural heritage.Meanwhile, ChemStream has been involved in 4 European projects, including 3 Horizon 2020 projects: ROBOX - Expanding the industrial use of Robust Oxidative Biocatalysts for the conversion and production of alcohols (01/04/2015-31/03/2019)LORCENIS - Long Lasting Strengthened Concrete for Energy Infrastructure under Severe Operation Conditions (01/04/2016-31/03/2020)InDIRECT – Direct and Indirect Biorefinery Technologies for Conversion of Organic side-streams into multiple marketable products (01/11/2016-31/10/2019) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oct 2012 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Birth of the ChemStream LOGO.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2013 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Birth of the first website of ChemStream, after which a worthy more modern successor was designed and launched in 2017. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------27/06/2014 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ChemStream's 1st  patent  was filed. Meanwhile, 2 patents have been published with ChemStream as the Applicant:1. SURFACE ACTIVE AGENT AND PREPARATION THEREOFPublication info: EP2818237 (A1) 2014-12-312. POLY-ELECTROLYTE POLYMER COMPOSITION AND ITS USEPublication info: EP2835385 (A1) 2015-02-11, US2016040352 (A1) 2016-02-11  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------27/06/2014 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Participation in the first Inkjet Conference (Düsseldorf), in which we have participated every year since then and where we have already won 3 Best Speaker Awards.      Many other conferences were also visited by ChemStream, often with contributions such as lectures, posters or table tops.        ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2017 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------First batch synthesis of a polymerized dispersing agent (up to volumes of 8 Kg), after which flow chemistry was introduced as an alternative synthesis method.     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------25-28/03/2019 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------First ESMA INKJET ESSENTIALS Workshop organized at and by ChemStream. This workshop focused on ink design and integration and provided a mix between lectures and hands-on training to better understand the possibilities of inkjet printing in an industrial production environment.13 People from all over the world and from very different kinds of companies attended this course.    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Over the years ChemStream invested in a wide range of measuring devices and other equipment to support its research and development. Some examples are listed below: Nordson UV-conveyor MiniCure and Aktiprint T-E UV Cure StationBrookfield viscometerKruss EasyDrop systemGCMS Varian 3800/Saturn200 and Agilent GCMSAgilent LCMS en GPCBruker Alpha FTIR spectrometerOcean Optics Jaz spectrophotometerTIGRES PLASMA BLASTER2 Dynomill Research LabMalvern Mastersizer 2000RETSCH centrifugal mill ZM200DATACOLOR Check 3 Lab-meterAgilent Cary 60 UV-VIS spectrophotometer...             

ChemStream's succesful exhibition stand

Last year ChemStream developed its first modular stand with the help of experienced stand designer Ronald Marien, stand builder White House Design and graphic designer Peter Boodts. The creative process required a lot of brainstorming and iterations and we are very proud of the result.It even led us to winning a SILVER World Exhibition Stand Award  in the category of 'Best Stand at a Print Event'! The 3 main goals of the stand were as follows:1) to stand out from the other stands/a stand with Stopping Power2) to raise questions about our business activities and attract the right target customers3) to create a unique and striking corporate image for Chemstream and have a modular structure, which is easy to re-use at next trade fairs    We chose for a warm look, opted for natural materials in wood and for sufficient spotlights to make the stand more attractive.We divided our stand in 2 zones: the 'exhibition corner' and the 'one-to-one communication area', but also made sure that a central eye catcher immediately grabbed the attention of the visitor and explained what we actually do (ex. making inks for the future).In the 'exhibition corner' we chose to make several cabinets where each cabinet represents an expertise that ChemStream is good at. For filling the cabinets we made sure that people's interest could be aroused through humour, exaggeration, beauty, movement, colour, light, etc. so by triggering people's senses and emotions.For the 'sitting area' we chose to make a more quiet, yet not exclusive, lounge environment in order to invite and welcome passengers to have a seat. More information about our nominated stand at INPRINT 2019 can be obtained via the following link. We finally want to thank Ronald Marien, Stijn Vandenberghe (White House Design) and Peter Boodts for their excellent translation and elaboration of our message.     





22-24 June 2021 

Hall B5, stand 417

ChemStream will attend the INPRINT Exhibition of Print Technology for Industrial Manufacturing for the sixth time, to show its expertise in inkjet ink development to the industrial printing community.

FuturePrint Virtual Summit 2020 - ONLINE​      


12-16 October 2020 

DAY 2 - Industrial Print

ChemStream will participate to this virtual print event and will talk about how inkjet printing can be beneficial for 3D printing applications


ADVANCED ENGINEERING 2020 - postponed to 2021 !


21-22 October 2020 

Antwerp EXPO (BE) - stand 104 

In the fall, ChemStream will participate again to this Belgian innovative trade show that covers the entire cycle of product development. We will demonstrate live 3D inkjet printing


ESMA INKJET ESSENTIALS: Ink Design & Integration​        POSTPONED to 2021


21-24 April 2020 

at ChemStream, Belgium

Hands-On Training & Basic Know-How @ ChemStream

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic this workshop is postponed to 2021.

A new date will be defined asap!

Inkjet Summer School 2020 - ONLINE​ 


17 July 2020 - ONLINE


Marin Steenackers will give some insight in the different technical aspects of UV 3D inkjet printing, in a short presentation. 

This is part of ChemStream's sponsorship to this event.



5-6 February 2020

Kortrijk Xpo Belgium

In February ChemStream will have a stand (nr 430) at PROTOTYPING Xpo, the networking show for designing and prototyping of industrial components.  We will highlight the process of 3D inkjet printing for prototyping purposes.

GLASSPrint 2019


27-28 November 2019

Düsseldorf, Germany

At the end of November ChemStream will participate to the GLASSPrint conference in Düsseldorf. Besides a tabletop exhibition (nr. 23), Marin Steenackers will talk about the adhesion of inkjet inks on glass. 



12-14 November 2019

München, Germany

Once again ChemStream will be present at the INPRINT fair in Munich with a brand new stand (nr. 430) full of exciting demos. 
Come and see how Chemstream can contribute to your inks for the future!

The Inkjet Conference 2019


29-30 October 2019

Düsseldorf, Germany


Again ChemStream will participate to The IJC in Düsseldorf.

We will have a tabletop (A2) in the main hall and our colleague Marin Steenackers will talk about "Inkjet 3D printing" on Day 1 (Track 3).



10th International Textile Coating & Laminating Congress 2019


26-27 September 2019

3Square , Ghent, Belgium


At this congress in Ghent, ChemStream will be present with an information booth and Nils De Vos will talk about the 'smart design of polymeric dispersion agents' in the morning session of the second day of the event.




Conference on Durable Concrete for Infrastructure under Severe Conditions


10-11 September 2019

Het Pand , Ghent, Belgium


As part of the LORCENIS project, ChemStream will attend this international conference with a lecture on the development of SAP additives for concrete applications by Els Mannekens.





22-23 May 2019

 Flanders Expo, Gent, Belgium


Come and visit ChemStream at stand number 126 at the ADVANCED ENGINEERING fair in Ghent. We'll be demonstrating high resolution 3D inkjet printing!






15-16 May 2019

 Brabanthal, Leuven, Belgium


ChemStream will attend this fair that focusses on sustainable technology.

We welcome you at our stand number 151.





ESMA INKJET ESSENTIALS: Ink Design & Integration

Hands-On Training & basic know-how  @ ChemStream


25-28 March 2019

 at ChemStream bvba

A workshop about inkjet technology will take place in spring 2019.

About 21 people will be able to follow a 4-day workshop in which theoretical and practical courses will be given about ink design and inkjet integration.



20 - 22 November 2018

MiCo - Milano Congressi

ChemStream will be exhibiting on the InPrint show in Milan


Come and visit us at our booth in the Exhibition Zone!

@ stand 1030


15 -  17 October 2018


Chemstream will be present at the 5th Annual Inkjet Conference



Our tabletop is to be found at spot A2 in the Exhibition Space.





+32 3 826 93 29

ChemStream bv

Drie Eikenstraat 661
2650 Edegem, Belgium



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